Step-by-Step Guide to Switching Your Squarespace Template

Your website is your business's home. 

It's where you share content, connect with your audience and sell your products. Your website is the one platform you have total control over. No algorithm changes, here. 

But, as your business grows so does your website. The first day you launched your business probably looks pretty different to how your business currently operates. As these changes occur, your website may need to adapt to keep up. 

This post walks you through how to easily switch your Squarespace template. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Switching your Squarespace Template | As your creative business grows and adapts, your website needs to grow and adapt with it. With this simple guide you'll be able to easily switch and brand your template. Find more helpful resources at


Step 1 | Decide your must-haves

When you decide to switch your template, there is always a reason behind it. Maybe you decided to add a blog and realized your current template didn't have a sidebar. Maybe you want to transfer from digital products to physical products and require a new layout.

Whatever your reason for changing your template you need to start by deciding what your must-haves are. 

Write a list and go through what features you can't give up. Compare them to the template features on this template comparison chart.


Step 2 | Install a new template

To install a new template you will login to your website, navigate to the Design tab. Under the Design tab select Template. Within the Template tab select the Install New Template button.

Step-by-Step Guide to Switching Your Squarespace Template | Install Template

This will open a new window. Within this window you are able to select the template you have previously decided upon during step one. Once you've navigate to the appropriate template select Start with [template name].


Step 3 | Preview and update your new template

Now that you have installed your new template, you are able to preview the template and move your website pages over to the new template. 

When you enter the preview setting of your new template you will find all demo content still included. Your websites pages will appear in the not linked section.

Step-by-Step Guide to Switching your Squarespace Template | Demo Content

To begin adding your pages to your new template start by deleting the demo content from the Main Navigation and Not Linked headings. Once your demo content is deleted drag your websites page under the Main Navigation. These pages will display as your main navigation. Any pages you don't want in your navigation can remain in the Not Linked section.


Step 4 | Brand your template

Once your web pages are organized it's time to start branding your new template.

The majority of your branding will take place under the Style Editor tab (located under the Design tab). The Style Editor lets you customize fonts, colors, links, buttons, backgrounds and so much more. I have a post, linked below, that goes into detail about branding your Squarespace website.

Once branding is complete publish your new template by pressing the Set as Live Template button at the bottom of your screen!

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What about this process surprised you? Did you think it would be a more difficult transfer? Let me know in the comments section below!