Everything You Need to Know About IGTV

If you've been on Instagram this week, you've probably heard that Instagram has launched a new video platform called IGTV. 

IGTV is Instagram's new mobile-only video platform. Similar to YouTube and Instagram Stories in a lot of ways, IGTV is giving creators the freedom to share videos in a unique user-friendly way. But, what sets IGTV apart from Instagram stories and YouTube you ask... a few unique features: mobile-only platform, vertical video layout and categories to keep people engaged.  

With any new software, there can be a bit of a learning curve. If we're being really-real it took me 4 hours to create a 1 minute slideshow video. If you don't want it to take you that long, which I know you don't, you'll also want to check out my tips and tricks in this post.

PS: You should go view that video that is filled with my blood, sweat and tears. You can check it out at my Instagram profile located right next to the Highlights. 

Okay, let's get started.