Logo Templates for Creative Business Owners

Logo Templates for Creative Business Owners

The Jordan Prindle Designs Shop is a creative resource for small business owners looking to streamline their brands visual identities. The JPD Shop includes, design templates for your social media accounts, brand collateral and now LOGO TEMPLATES!

These logo templates were created to help new business owners launch their business with ease. The first installment of logo templates includes 12 logos for just $15! This package also includes free fonts seen below and step-by-step instructions to customize each logo to fit your brand. 

But, before I get ahead of myself, let's start at the beginning. What exactly is a logo template, when should you use one and how can you customize it? Keep reading to find out!

A New Shop from Jordan Prindle | Designs

Often in business I find myself spending time updating design elements for my website, social media content or a new blog post.

As a graphic designer I have the ability to do all of the above quickly and easily, but I realize that my situation isn't the norm for most bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. Many of my colleagues and clients have voiced their struggle with learning design software, designing for themselves, and the limitations that come with free software. So, I came up with a solution to help them meet their design needs: the new Jordan Prindle | Designs Shop. 

Commonly referred to as the JPD Shop by friends, designers, DIY-ers and now YOU!