An Introductory Guide to Tailwind

If there was only one tool I could keep to market my business, it would be Tailwind.

Tailwind has allowed me to grow my business, streamline my marketing efforts and explode my web traffic. I receive around 50% of my web traffic from Pinterest and I attribute all of that to Tailwind.

Today, I want to share with you a quick introduction to Tailwind. In this post, I’m going to give you the bare minimum of what you need to get started with Tailwind, but even these features can make all the difference in your business!

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What is tailwind?

Tailwind is a social media scheduling program that I use for my Pinterest account.

If you know much about using Pinterest strategically, you know that Pinterest wants you pinning new content multiples times throughout the day. If you’re busy running a business, taking time to find high-quality Pinterest content 5+ times a day isn’t optimal.

That’s where Tailwind comes in.

Tailwind helps you schedule pins, track analytics, pin easier with tribes, loop your content and so much more!

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Open A Tailwind Account

Creating a Tailwind account is really simple!

Tailwind is one of the few resources I pay for and that’s because I see such an incredible return on investment (ROI). But, I know that it can be hard to justify paying for a service you haven’t tried yet, so I’m gifting you One Month Free for all new Tailwind users!

Now, to open your account!

  • Follow the link for One Month Free

  • Select Sign Up With Pinterest.

  • A second pop-up will appear. Follow the prompts on the pop-up window until you end up at your dashboard. It should similar to mine below, only you won’t have any pins information yet!

Tailwind Dashboard with Jordan Prindle Designs.png

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Creating your schedule

Before you get started with anything else, you’ll want to create your pinning schedule. Your schedule will dictate when a pin is published to your account. Tailwind suggests time slots to best suit you and your audience to make this really simple.

Let’s create your schedule! To get started navigate to Publisher > Your Schedule on the left-hand menu.

Tailwind Publisher with Jordan Prindle Designs.png

Once there you will see your schedule. The green time slots is your existing schedule. The outlined time slots are suggested time slots. You by no means need to fill all of these suggested slots. I recommend adding slots slowly over time as you get more comfortable with the software and you have more content to share.

Tailwind Scheduler with Jordan Prindle Designs.png

Pinterest recommends posting 30-50 times each day. If that sounds daunting, start with the smart schedule for a month and see how you feel. If you’re ready to add more pins, simply go through and select those recommended time slots.

Adding your pins

Tailwind has a desktop extension that allows you to save your pins to Tailwind directly from Pinterest. To add your desktop extension, navigate to Publisher > Drafts. The extension button will be at the top.

To start adding your first pins, simply log-in to Pinterest and navigate to your desired pin. When you scroll over the pin it will show the blue Tailwind icon on the pin. Select that button to open a new window.

Tailwind Extension with Jordan Prindle Designs.png

In this new window you will see the pin, board name and description. Depending on the pin, you may want to update the description to make it more keyword friendly and searchable.

Under the Board Name section, you can type in the Pinterest boards you are a part of to add it to that board. It will appear in that board once it is slotted via your previously created schedule.

Tailwind Pinning with Jordan Prindle Designs.png

Note: Depending on your Tailwind account, you may also see Add to Tribes or Add to SmartLoop buttons on this page.

Now, this is the most basic introduction to what you can do with Tailwind. But, even with just these two simple steps you can start using Tailwind to grow your Pinterest account - in turning growing the viewership of your website!

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