How to Write a Target Audience Biography

You know what age range your target audience is. You've thought of their hobbies, genders and income range.

But, have you ever pictured their face or given them a name? Do they have blue or brown eyes? Short hair or long?

Probably not... You're probably thinking I'm crazy. You don't target only brunettes. You don't only create products that a blue-eyed person would value. Of course not!

Your target audience isn't one person they are a group of people that fall into these ranges and they are all different and unique. But, how scary is that. How do you create the perfect product or offer valuable content to that diverse a group of people? 

You don't.

If you've ever been stuck on how to communicate to your audience or struggled to picture them in your mind - this is the one trick that will make all the difference.


How to Write a Target Audience Biography | Stop yelling into the void hoping something sticks with someone. Understand your audience and learn how to create content and products that they actually want with this simple trick



Step 1 | List characteristics

Let's start with what you already know. The standard characteristics you've chosen for your target audience, i.e., age, sex, income, hobbies, personality, etc.

If you have yet to define your target audience take a look at your demographics and psychographics. 

Your demographics are the measurable traits like age, location, gender, income, education, occupation, ethnicity, etc. Your psychographics are the immeasurable traits like personality, values, hobbies, lifestyle, behavior, etc.

Once you have all of those listed we'll move on to step two. 


Step 2 | Specify 

Listing the demographics and psychographics is where most people stop when creating their target audience. That's what leaves people yelling into the void hoping something sticks. We aren't going to do that. We're going to dig a little deeper.

Let's get even more specific. Instead of listing age ranges lets pick an age. Instead of listing a general hobby like "sports" let's list a specific sport like football. 

Make a specific choice for each demographic and psychographic you listed during step one. 


Step 3 | start writing

Now that you've gotten a little more specific let's start writing the biography. 

When writing the biography I want you to really flex that creative muscle. Use the information you listed during step two to help you get started and than start visualizing your ideal client to fill in the details.

Remember to write about your ideal client the way you would write about a friend. Don't list bullet points of their height, weight and income. Describe the person with vivid detail.

Write as little or as much as you need to until you are able to visual them in your mind.



Kelly is a 26 year old wedding coordinator. She is passionate about helping people's wedding day run as smoothly as possible, because her own wedding day felt like true bliss. She understands how valuable it is to sit back and enjoy this next big step in your life. 

But, she's not an ordinary wedding coordinator. She is unique, outgoing, a little spastic and a taco-hoarder. Her unique approach to problem-solving and keeping the mood light has made her a one-of-a-kind wedding coordinator in her area. 

Word of mouth has been a huge help in her business, but she's ready to improve her brand and website. When she first dipped her toes in the water of running a business, she started with a DIY brand. Now that she is finding a good amount of success and more people are visiting her website, she is ready to reinvest in her brand to ensure she is converting more visitors to clients. 


The way I wrote about Kelly it sounds like I'm describing a close friend of mine, but I'm not. I don't know a Kelly or a Tucker or an interior designer.

This is a little hard for some people to do so take your time and write and rewrite and rewrite again if you need to. Just keep adding details and removing them until you feel a connection to this character. Because once you do that you can easily write a newsletter, blog post or create a product with "Kelly" in mind. 


Have you ever written a target audience biography before? What helped you to write it?