Top Branding Mistakes from Professional Brand Designers

Branding can be complicated.

It combines the visual, verbal and experiential aspects of your business. It’s how people recognize your products, speak about your store and how they feel when interacting with your business. It’s both tangible and intangible.

That means, people make mistakes with their brands. Often.

I spoke to a few professional brand designers to get their thoughts on some of the top branding mistakes. This list includes mistakes they’ve made within their own brands and common mistakes the see their clients making.

Let’s get started!

Top Branding Mistakes from Professional Brand Designers | I spoke with professional brand designers and the common brand design mistakes they notice, read them all at #branddesign #brandmistakes #branding

Telltale Design Co.

I wish I would have researched industry pricing and the design/client relationship process before taking on my first client. I undercharged for so long because I just had no idea what I was worth! The longer I undercharged, the harder it was to raise my prices. Similarly with my process, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. The first projects I did were solely logos, no strategy, rhyme, or reason. My work would have been worth more immediately if I a) charged more and b) worked with clients through a more planned out process. - Lydia Kerr

Rhema Design Co

The purpose of any brand is to speak to a target audience. Because of this, it’s so important to be able to look objectively at your brand and remove yourself from any emotional attachment you have to it. This was an issue I’d experienced time and time again with clients, until I changed my feedback process. Now, I’ve formed very specific feedback questions that prompt the client to think about the brand from their own audience’s perspective. Yes, of course you should love your brand, but more importantly your audience should love it and be drawn to it. Don’t make the mistake of creating a brand for your own preferences, but craft the brand to fit what your target audience wants to see. - AnnaKate Auten

Hello Gypsy

Branding is all about storytelling and should show your customers who you are, what your purpose is, and explain why your business exists. Often times business owners know the answers to these questions but it's much more difficult to make customers understand. So don't make the mistake of skipping over these important questions when creating your brand. Make sure your customers know who you are. You goal should be to create an emotional connection between your business and your ideal target audience. However, this connection can't happen if your customers don't know who you are or understand your why. So, don't be afraid to show your true self and explain the heart behind your company. It will help create an impactful first impression and your customers will understand you right away. If your customers feel like they have something in common with you and understand your purpose, they will trust you, and love you, much faster. Trust and love mean more dollars spent and more life-long, happy customers. :) - Maggie Kent

Jordan Prindle | Designs

Your brand is the personality behind your business. Although, that makes it sound as though you are your brand, that isn’t entirely true. Your brand is the ideal that your audience inspires towards. This may be a lifestyle they desire or something as simple as an emotion they’re attracted to when interacting with your brand. It is not however a reflection of your preferences, style or personal aesthetic. Your brand should be the reflection of your ideal clients. That is why the creative strategy behind a professional brand design is so vital. It ensures your brand is attracting your ideal clients, not just you. - Jordan Prindle

What are some common brand mishaps that you notice? Let me know in the comments!