The Ultimate Brand Design Checklist for Digital Entrepreneurs

When starting a business, there are a lot of things to consider. You’re writing your mission statements, doing your market research and designing a brand.

There are so many things to do in fact, that you’re bound to forget a few crucial pieces. In order to assist you during this hectic time, I decided to create a complete checklist for all of your brand design needs. It covers everything from your logo to your business cards to your opt-in forms. So, let’s get started!

The Ultimate Brand Design Checklist for Digital Entrepreneurs | Walk step-by-step through this checklist to launch your brand and grow your website with ease. Are you missing any? Check it out at #branddesign #checklist #brandidentity


Every small business needs a primary logo to ensure easy recognition and identification of their business by their target audience.

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Logo Variations

A logo variation is your primary logo with design elements rearranged or simplified. Your logo variations, or secondary logo, are used when the primary logo isn't appropriate due to size restraints.

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A favicon is the small icon that appears in browser windows and web bookmarks. You’ll want to make sure you chose an icon that is square, on a transparent background and includes minimal detail.

Color Palette

A color palette is a selection of hues that best represent a brand. With the use of color theory, a brand can effectively communicate with their ideal clients and increase brand recognition through creating a streamlined color palette.

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Font System

A font system is similar to a color palette, as it is a specific selection of fonts that are selected to represent a brand. These fonts are used when designing the website, brand collateral and any customer-facing documentation.

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Brand Pattern

A brand pattern is a custom pattern design created with a brand in mind. These patterns help tie together an overall aesthetic and can be used on the website, brand collateral and any customer-facing documentation.

Brand Icons

Icons are traditionally small graphic elements that are used to provide information at a glance. In terms of branding, icons can be used for logo design, buttons, infographics and more.

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Web Design

Every digital entrepreneur needs a streamlined website to house their business. A proper web design should highlight your brand, communicate your message and serve as your businesses home base.

Social Media Graphics

Social media graphics should always remain on-brand to ensure brand recognition comes naturally to your target audience. The use of design templates is the simplest way to ensure your graphics are on-brand.

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Opt-In Forms

An opt-in form is a form on your website used to collect the email addresses of your target audience. They typically are requested in exchange for a newsletter subscription or access to a resource library.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is any form of marketing that creating and sharing content online. Think blog posts, podcasts, videos or social media. Typically, content marketing is created to promote a brand without specifically promoting a product or service.

Business Cards

Business cards are considered any card that holds the personal information of a business or employee.

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Pricing Guide

A pricing guide is a physical or digital document that shares the detailed information of your products and services. Typically shared after the initial inquiry from a client.

Media Kit

A media kit is a physical or digital document that aids in promoting your business to your fellow entrepreneurs, prospective clients or promoters. This can be useful for partnerships, collaborations and general press.

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Stationery is any printed material designated for the use of your business. This may include, invoices, thank you notes, stickers and more.

Promotional Graphics

A promotional graphic is any graphic design created with the intention to promote your business. This may be an advertisement, flyer or banner.

Do you have all of these elements in place for your business? Let me know in the comments!