12 Ways to Utilize Custom Brand Icons

As a part of my brand design services, I offer custom icons. 

When initially meeting with a client, they often get stuck on ways to utilize their icons or if their brand actually needs icons. I wrote a full post on the many reasons your brand does need icons, which you can read here.

Now, I'm going to share with you 12 different ways you can utilize custom brand icons for your business. This list covers your website, branding and collateral pieces, all which can benefit from enhanced visual communication. 

12 Ways to Utilize Custom Brand Icons | Whether you offer newsletters, blog categories or content upgrades... icons are a great way to diversify your brands visual identity. Read the full list at www.jordanprindledesigns.com #brandicons #icondesign #graphicdesigntips


1 | Buttons

A great and simple way to utilize branded icons for your business is to use them as buttons. No matter what web platform you use, you can link a graphic or image and use it as a button. 

Whether you create buttons around your blog categories, client process, call-to-actions... an icon is an easy way to make your buttons stand out on your website. 


2 | Social Media

Almost all brand collateral can be re-purposed and used for your social media accounts, icons are just another example.

A few simple ways to utilize custom icons is to share them as a post, use them for your profile image, Instagram story covers, categories on your Facebook page... There are so many options when it comes to pairing social media and icons. You could even get custom social media icons created!

Look at this fun example for sale on Creative Market* by Sergey Minkin

*Creative Market is an affiliate partner. If you purchase something through my link, I may get some cash-money. Thanks!


3 | Infographics

Infographics are one of the best ways to communicate information in a visual manner. 

Infographics rely heavily on graphic elements and icons are the perfect example for breaking up content, communicating a message quickly and grabbing your readers attention. Infographics are also a really popular graphic to share, especially on Pinterest. If you aim to grow your Pinterest reach, it's a smart idea to invest in icons to get your infographic started. 

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4 | Landing Pages

Landing pages are standalone pages on your website that you can only reach through hyperlinks. They are frequently used for marketing campaigns because they focus solely on one primary goal. 

With landing pages they can be a bit bare without graphic elements. Icons are the perfect way to communicate a message, share a logo or increase your conversions.


5 | Blog Categories

Another great way to dynamically communicate a message is to create icons for each of your blog categories. 

Blog category icons are really easy graphics to create because the designs are easy to conceptualize. These icons can be used on your individual blog graphics, buttons in your sidebar, category headings for your archive pages. 


6 | Pricing Guides, Media Kits and More

Icons are especially useful for breaking up content. 

Pricing guides, media kits and informational documents tend to include a lot of content. Icons are great ways to entice readers by breaking up content, supporting the content and pulling attention to the most important content. 


7 | Content Upgrades

Content upgrades come in many shapes and forms. They can include workbooks, check lists, blog posts, videos... the opportunities are endless. However, most content upgrades stick within the realm on digital downloads.

Each digital download could benefit from a custom icon. Whether this icon dictates that category, enhances the visual appeal or aids in the communication of the content, a icon can add an additional level of professionalism to your upgrades.


8 | Opt-in forms

An opt-in is an incentive provided to your audience in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter. 

With so many people having newsletters, people are becoming a little more reluctant to hand over their valuable email space. If you can create a fun and engaging opt-in form the rate of conversions will easily rise. Whether you want to create a playful email icon above the messaging, use the button or call-to-action as an icon. You can easily create a more dynamic opt-in form. 


9 | Newsletters

In newsletters, you are frequently sharing a lot of information and content with your audience. This information can range from helpful insights, useful resources, action steps or general updates about your business. 

As you know, everyone's emails are pretty busy. Getting that valuable real estate is important, so using it should be done wisely. By utilizing icons you can diversify your content, create call-to-actions and visually entice your audience.

You could even create icons to be used in your email signature. This allows you the opportunity to create visual appeal to your signature and represent what you offer and who you help.


10 | Packaging

Packaging is the brand collateral you use to promote and sell your products. 

Product packaging is also one of the most important outward marketing efforts you can participate in. Your product packaging can often be one of the first interactions you have with your audience. That makes it crucial to make your best first impression with clear messaging, attention-grabbing visuals. 


11 | Presentations or Slides

If any part of your business involves an educational aspect you may be using presentations or slides. These can be used during webinars, live discussions or podcasts. 

As you probably learned in grade school, presentation slides are meant to be used as visual aids, they aren't supposed to hold all of the detailed information. A great way to create an engaging presentation is to include icons for each idea or concept. 


12 | Logos

Your brands logo is another example of how your business could utilize custom icons. Icons are great for quickly communicating messages and that is highly important is logo design. I especially like to use icons for the favicon of my clients websites!

Any additional products or services you include in partnership with your brand is another great way to utilize icons. For example, if you teach a class on how to sew a dress, creating a custom logo with an icon would be a great way to brand and promote that course!

How do you utilize custom brand icons? Let me know in the comments!