15 Ideas to Start Using Video in Your Business

Video is one of the best marketing tools we have in 2019.

With video creation growing in the minds of many small business owners, it can be hard to make the leap into actually creating your first video.

Video is daunting.

It can feel embarrassing to show up on video, overwhelming on where and how to get started and the process and equipment seems incredibly complicated.

But, with 72% of businesses saying video has improved their conversion rate, do we really have a choice? - source

In today’s blog post, I’m going to be sharing 15 different ways you can start using video in your business. Let’s get started!

15 Ideas to Start Using in Your Business | 15 video marketing ideas for your small business on the blog at www.jordanprindledesigns.com #videomarketing #smallbusinessmarketing #smallbusinesstips

1. Tutorials

Do you have a skillset that you can teach to your audience? Instead of writing it as a blog post, turn it into a video tutorial. This is one of the easiest ways to get started with creating videos, since it can be as simple as recording your screen.

2. Vlogs

Similarly to creating a tutorial, you can discuss a topic on video. Are you an expert in a specific topic or can you share a strategy or unique approach? Turning your blogs into vlogs can help more people see and consume your content.

3. Live Video

If you’re looking for a quick, effective and simple approach to video creation, live video is the way to go. With a camera and a microphone or even a cellphone, you can go live and get directly in front of your audience.

4. Testimonials

This may be one of the more difficult videos to create since it is outside of your control. However, video testimonials have a stronger impact on your audience due to the real human connection that video creates.

5. Behind the scenes

Show your audience the behind-the-scenes of your business. This could be introducing your team, highlighting your workflow or talking about some little known facts. People connect with people far easier than they connect to businesses, so it’s important to use video content to show the people behind the brand.

6. Your process

If you work in the creative field, showing your process can be one of the most engaging videos you can create for your audience. These videos are incredibly popular and give you the opportunity to highlight your skills and expertise in a non-salesy way.

7. Product demonstration

Do you sell a product that has a learning curve. Show people exactly how to use your product with a video demonstration. This is another great way to highlight your product and show it being used without having to directly pitch it to your audience.

8. Interview

Are you planning to interview someone for your blog? Consider recording the conversation and sharing the interview as a video. This allows people to engage with the content in a more hands-on way and create deeper connections with you and your interviewee.

9. FAQ/Support

Are you frequently answering the same questions? Consider recording it as a video. Not only will this video show you as an expert in your field, it will cut down on some of those emails in your inbox!

10. Promotional

Create a promotional video highlighting your business, product, service or upcoming event. Promotional videos tend to require a higher budget, but when done well you can see a great return on investment.

11. Events or Trade Show

Does your business host or attend events frequently? The next time you are at an event, record the day and edit together some of your shots to share with your audience. This allows your customers to see you in a new context and peak interest for attending the next event!

12. Speaking

Do you do public speaking events? If so, ask if you can record yourself and share it with your audience. The information you’re giving to that audience is valuable, by creating a video you’re giving that information a longer shelf life and reaching additional people.

13. User-generated content

Can you motivate your audience to create videos for you? Can you host a challenge that requires a video to be created? This can be a great way to expand your reach, utilize video marketing and create a stronger community around your business.

14. Time Lapse

Time lapse videos are incredibly engaging and allow for a great marketing tool. With a time lapse video you can show your process or tell a story. Get creative with this and you can see exponential benefits.

15. Social media

Lastly, create videos for your social media accounts. It can truly be as easy as your Instagram Stories. As I said before, people want to engage with other people. The more you show the person behind the brand, the more people will feel connected to the business.

Are you using video in your business? What ideas can you share? Leave them in the comments!