5 Strategies to Grow Your Website Traffic

When you start a business there are a lot of numbers you need to worry about.

Instagram followers, expenses and website traffic. When your aim is set on growing your business. Most people focus on their website traffic. It makes sense. Increased website traffic generally leads to a growth in sales.

But, how do you know what strategies are worth pursuing and which ones are a waste of time? Don't worry! I compiled a list of tried and true methods to grow your website traffic with an engaged audience. 

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1 | Create a blog

There are many reasons why I think it's important to blog. First and foremost, there is no reason for people to visit your website repeatedly if there is never any new content being added. Two, it demonstrates your knowledge and experience in your field. Lastly, it increases your SEO.

But, how do you create a blog that drives traffic?

Share high-quality content

Creating a blog that doesn't provide value is a waste of your time and energy. If people don't value the information they won't share it or start seeing you as an authority in your field. It's important that all the blog content you create serves a purpose.

Share longer posts

Sharing longer posts may seem daunting, even wasteful, but I have a few facts to back me up here that longer posts and more valuable to your audience. There are countless statistics out there, but I want to leave you with just one quote. 

"You’re perceived as an authority in your industry. Your audience appreciates comprehensive posts that delve into intricacies of their pain points. They won’t need to jump on 10 different websites to get the same information." - Neil Patel

Large, legible headings

As we all know, we live in a world of scrolling. We scroll through Instagram, Pinterest and blog posts. In order to provide value to your audience and hope that they will pause to read your content, your headings need to be large and legible.


2 | Utilize social media creatively

I'm a big believer that social media is the vehicle that drives people to your website. Your website should always be your business's home base. So, when utilizing your social media accounts it's important to come up with creative ways to direct people towards your website. 

Here's a few examples to get you inspired:

Take over a friends social media account

No matter what field of business you work in, it's important to foster business friendships. (P.S., my inbox is always open to new friends, hi!) People that are your direct competitors and those that are not. I suggest swapping social media accounts for a day with someone in a slightly different market to reach new people. For example, a brand designer and stock photographer or hand letterer and a wedding stationary designer. 

Host a giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is always an easy way to get people excited about your business, new offering or just to reach new people. Host a giveaway on one of your social platforms that direct people back to your website. Extra points if you offer an incentive to them looking around your website!



Share the beginning of a blog post

This is one of my favorite tactics for my Insta stories. When I want to share about a new blog post, I like to give my Instagram follower the first couple of bullet points. This draws people into the content without providing too much information that there's no incentive to read the full post on my website. 


3 | Niche your business

Honing in on your market is an important step to creating a successful business. In order to grow your website traffic it's important to create a niche market around your business. This helps you create specialized blog content and a specified target audience.

But, what is a niche and do you really need one?

What is a niche?

A niche is a segment of a target market. It hones in on a specific area within a grander market. For example, a market may be wedding stationary. But, a niche market could be hand lettered wedding stationary for southern brides.

Why do you need a niche market?

To put it simply, create a niche market for your business makes you a specialist. It helps you grow your reputation, offer helpful products and resources and increase your website traffic. When you continue to discuss specific concerns of your audience you become known for your niche market. When people need your services they will know exactly where to go. 


4 | Make guest appearances

As I mentioned above, it's so important to foster a community around your business. That community doesn't just need to be potential customers, they should also include friends, partners and competitors. Consider making guest appearances in fun and creative ways to grow your audience and reach. 

How can you make a guest appearance exactly?



Write a blog post

A simple way to get your name out there is to write a blog post for a friend or partner. This helps you expand your reach, create new connections and grow your website traffic. (PS. JPD is currently accepting blog post contributors. Send me an email if you're interested!)

Swap social media accounts

A fun way to grow your website traffic is to swap your social media accounts. Show people what you do, how you do it and why. Consider swapping with someone in a similar field that offers different products or services. 

Get interviewed for a podcast

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular. As they grow in popularity the number of listeners grows as well. Take advantage of this fun new format by getting interviewed about your businesses story, your expertise or your products.


5 | Be helpful for free

Last, but definitely not least. Help your audience for free. When you are consistently offering help, guidance and resources to your audience it shows your expertise  and builds trust in your community. 

"People do not but goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic." - Seth Godin

So, how can you start helping your target audience for free?

Create a blog

Taking it back to tip number one. A blog is a huge resource to your business when you take the time to create high-quality content.

Offer free resources

A great way to provide additional help to your audience is to create free resources. For example, a resource library to accompany your blog is a great way to offer content upgrades, foster a community and keep people returning to your website. For a resource library you can create: checklists, workbooks, additional blog content, helpful tools and much more!

Join Facebook groups

A fun way to help people outside of your immediate audience is to join Facebook groups. Facebook groups are great for connecting with potential customers, friends and people in your field. Hop into a Facebook group once a day and see if there are any questions you can answer. As people continually see your face, they will remember you as a helpful and generous resource.

What tips do you plan on implementing? Let me know in the comments!